Rumors Of Insanity

By Ochonogor Ifeanyi Excel 18 months ago


In my country, 
Rumors of insanity scuttles 
In haste like an earnest cry

Yet we’re falling for the aunties 
Of this desolated insanity 
Like a difficult teardrop
That prevents a dog from smelling excrement

At a glance of conscience sacrilege 
Insanity swindles in agony 
Of the county men because 
Our psyche had been fornicated

Like a legion of runners 
Each covered from neck to toes
With strings of vague fear
Rattling like a strange night spirit
With no place of abode

In my country daily, 
They appear on our screen 
To tell us unknown tales 
Of how to manipulate us again

We have been made out of
Eccentric spirit through crack of minds
Money hastily blew out our offending light 
And planted in us corpse of knowledge

In my country, Rat bit people to death 
And lizards takes money 
To have their teeth filled 
As white ants chew our wizards’ knowledge

How could we change 
A crawling millipede into an antipope? 
Nor a dumb man into an orator?

Listen you sons of Adams 
Listen you daughters of eve
Until lions have their own historians 
Tales of the hunt will always 
Glorify the hunter like a broken pot.



Crystal E Poet 
(Author Poets, Poetry & the Nation) 

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