Royal Court: Queen Of The Party

By Abasiama Udom 2 months ago

Royal court:




    "If you enter a party and you don't see me, all you need to do is look around again because that. Is. not. a. party"

The Queen of all festivities from burial to wedding, dedications and rallies nodded to the man who stood before her mouth agape listening.

"There is no dancing without me, no shaking where I am not and in Nigeria? Bros you never start" She swung her hips leaving the stranger staring.


There were reasons why they called her the Queen. She was not just a decorative piece with garnishings -- No! She had paid the bill, worked hard, developed, been subjected to many updates. The journey had included cosmetic surgery and more. It was why she laughed at ignorant young ones.

Years ago, no mortal agreed that she, her royal majesty existed. She, Jollof rice? Laugh*

During the time of horses and camels, mankind had preferred her arch rival and enemy Stewed Rice but now?

Jollof rice smiled at the thought as she hoped to adore every table.


Just then, stewed Rice walked past with her serving girl Pepper soup rice.

"Talk of the devil" JJ hissed.

"Should we go over and say hi?" Fried rice tapped her arm pointing to the entrants.


"But boss--" she wiped sweat from her brow.

"I said no " Jollof rice watched beneath her lashes at the disgusting creature. Over the years she had found nice ways to sabotage her smile and grace by adding salt, paying for stones to be dumped on her and it had worked.


She jumped.

"See? I told you, they are acting like they own this party."

"They are plain fools"


Jollof Rice saw it. She had had enough. "Fine" pulling her serving girl along "Let's go show them who owns the party boss"

She said nothing, fitted her 6 inches heels on, arranged her dress down and set the pieces of fried meat to perfection. "Should I add a whiff of salad and dressing perfume? Sometimes I look better without it but I need to look the best"

"Sure Ma'm"

One last look and JJ was ready, her reflection on the buffet mirror told it all.

"Ahead of us boss"

Her blood boiled as she regarded this old, forgotten lady trying to steal the spotlight. "Hey thief"

The lady's back jumped going still before she turned to face her "Now, who do we have here?"

JJ smiled "Your head"

"Watch what you say." It was the serving girl Peppersoup.

"And who are you?" Turning to Rice and stew. "You think to enter my party, my domain and run my show? I am the only queen."

"Why are you scared then? Should we nofet the people choose who they like?"


Oh that smirk on her face, JJ knew just how to take it off.

"How about, this" Her heeled side went fast into the side of Rice and stew. There serving girls jumped at each other.

Jollof rice held the witch by the throat "I am the only--" Wait, sniff. What is that smell? Where is it coming from.

"What is going on here?" a lilting soprano voice came, the bearer of sweet scent, covered in dry fish, tomatoes and meat soaked in the essence of a coconut.

"No" Jollof rice jumped from rice and stew as men scrambled to behold the new Queen, her glory filling everywhere. 

"All hail Coconut rice"



**JJ --Jollof Rice

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