Rick's Letter

By Adesokan Abdulafeez 3 weeks ago

I see you here, all the time. Everywhere and in everything. Like a picture in my pocket, I carry you around with me all day and all night.


In the contours of the desert sand, I see your body lying there peacefully and with grace. In the night time sky, I see your eyes staring back at me, sparkling, beautifully.


In the twinkling of the stars, I see you smiling, beaming at me with love. And in the cool night’s breeze, I hear your voice whispering, calling out my name, tenderly.


Whenever I take a sip of water in the desert, it feels like your kisses, reaching deep down to my core and filling me up with coolness and comfort.


I am brave and I am strong because I have you. You’re my sanctuary out here in hostile territory. My survival depends on you, my haven. And I can’t wait till we are man and wife and come home to you.



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