Respect Your Hustle For Inside Life

By Olabisi Ayomide 2 months ago

We fall for ground, we stand up back

We commot tears for eyes, we still shine teeth

We no dey mood, we dey mood

We no fit waka, we fit waka

We wound for body, we dey kampe

We no wan talk, we fit dey talk




No be say, we drink plenty

No be say we dey craze

No be say we no dey normal

No be say we get skushi for head

No be say we no responsible

No be say we be thug

No be say we no get person wey fit reason our matter help us




But na wetin

Eyes see

Ear hear

Mouth talk

Na him cause wetin dey do us


🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧 🤧


On top say we wan make am

On top say we wan be better person

On top say we no wan stay for one place

On top say we wan pass our papa and mama for wetin dem get or do for this life

On top say we wan make our pikin life better, pass our own

On top say we wan make difference for our family




Na why we dey always make sure say, we stand gidi gba on top our feet


When matter arise

When na only us dey road

When we dey where water no dey

When road no clear

When everywhere just be like cage

When phone dey ring

When wind dey blow us (even when we no get body wey we just b like umbrella)




Because say 


Las las we go dey alright

Las las table go long people go con dey chop

Las las hustle go pay

Las las wetin we suffer for go con dey show face




But when all this thing don dey happen make we never forget to thank Baba God say we no just suffer for nothing.




Make you wise up cos no be you work am yourself.

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