Reina (queen)

By Raaina Aranmolate 7 months ago

"All hail the queen!" 


A wicked smile spreads across La Reina's stony face.


"All hail the queen!"


Continuar, her flying beast, punctuates the hails with spittles of fiery orange fire.


The people, duck. They resume their hails in quaking voices, ragged clothes and blackened faces.


"I am your queen now! You shall do as I command!"


The felled houses, charred woods, whimper with the people.


La Reina's laughter, continuar's raging spittles, cetro, her sceptre's jiggles pierce the smoke filled air.


A crack in her dragon egg pierces through her imaginations. A scaly claw pushes out. 


 She smiles and casts a flinty glance down at the people.


Moving along the arena with beautiful ugly faces, two balanced legs. Happy, healthy.


The time is nigh, she strokes her egg. They'll pay for abandoning her here.


She limps away from her hiding place, scratching the scales off her face.


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