By Philip Olamilekan Odeyemi 5 months ago

A boy looks down into water he sees the two folds of life right before him one, a piece of memories to lame to walk, to fragile to see dawn and the other a glimpse of the number of times he will run -in circles chasing himself, and at night finding shadows. He will grow up with people choking on their breaths, finding spaces for their dead bodies in the grave of others; people whose skin is an incarnation of rejected hopes and embodiment of wounded faiths He must recognise his demons and the devils in his name & in places he thinks God is worshipped -places reflecting the beauty of the world but are real images of hell He will learn to paint tomorrow with the graffiti of today and dispose the image of yesterday He must learn to recognise battles and love, war and success love will start a story in him only if he would wait to see the end war will end only if he would not start it succcess and battles are the folds of life catching fire in the iris of man he longs to hold onto one, but he's burnt by the other maybe time is the definiton of things we see and the only way to decipher is to remember our image in God.

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