By Jason Joshua chigozie 16 months ago

A very horrible crime 

Rape.....loss of innocence 

Rape.....didn't have a choice 

Rape.....Nobody heard my voice 

Rape.....memory of the past 

Rape.....hope it crosses my mind 

erases out of my memory 

so i don't have to remember the past 

i wish she didn't tell me to go 

so I would still have it 

my innocence i mean 

I used to be so clean 

now i'm violated, unclean and dirty 

and the guilt is killing me 

even though its not my fault 

i feel as though it is 

when she told me to go i could have refused and ran 

I could have dropped the stuff at the door 

and ran.....but no.....i chose to go in 

and he accomplished his mission 

what he set out to do 

i was only 13 years old.....he was 21

i hated every minute of it 

I closed my eyes and imagined I was invisible 

but he took all the invisibility 

inside of me and i still remember the day 

the scene keeps playing in my head like a movie 

Rape.....didn't have a choice 

Rape.....nobody heard my voice. 

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