Ramadan Kareem

By Adesokan Abdulafeez 4 months ago

The blessed month is here again,

Our time of spiritual healing

So our tongues abandon slander and all talebearing

Hands are put in prayer and we give up quarrelling

We bow our heads in humility

And we contemplate

Our creator,

And all that only He creates

We were made to worship but so much time we waste

On frivolity,

Vile speech and so in penance,

Our eyes shed tears,

For all the evil we've seen.

And a lot of it we've heard

Oh, Allah!

Yet, you respond to our call?!

Now we leave the food

And feed our soul on good deeds

On the blessings

And the joy that piety brings

So friends and brethren of the deen.

I am wishing you


Ramadan Kareem!

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