By Godswill Udoh 2 weeks ago

A Duet! 







Help me!


You wouldn't want to hurt me

I am a woman, a weaker vessel

It may seem hopeless that I beg, but as the prey begs for its life, I beg that you do not stain my womanhood I appeal to your humanity😭😭




Be quite you that seek equality, on a platter, I will dig into your dignity, steal your sanity. Seal your lips before you swallow my rod! 

The weaker you are, the sweeter the taste.

Be calm, you'll have no regrets.



Equality I seek

But on a fair side

to be strong as you are I prayed

But God knows why he made me weak.

My sanity is my world, you shatter my world if you break it

Like William Shakespeare's Lucrese, I beg.



This is my first blow job 

Lie straight before I blow you! 

You don't want me to take it slow on you

Keep shut! 

When you wore short, flickering around like fowl.

Let me show you I am the man 

If I don't discharge, till Dawn!




Do not discharge your seed in me,

do not make me a mockery among women.

Tender me with mercy like the Lion tenders its young.



Lie straight before I shake you with my spear! 

Hah, huh! 

Can't you feel I'm straight! 


Be quiet, let me pears the more, do you prefer a tear? 


Don't you fear!? 

Your cry is crocodile I am the water you swim in. 

If it's a lie, swear! 

You enjoyed this!



With tears in my eyes, I begged

But your ego took the lead, you raped me.

Ammon exhalted himself in the taboo he committed,

Your beast tore my hymen 

Like Tamar in a black veil, I lay stricken

You might go away a free man 

But a greater punishment there is on your head

The earth rejects your seed in me and nature grumbles at your sin.

A half-man will you walk for the rest of your days.

Karma will not forget this day

Your nemesis is great and your pain will make you cry blood.

I hold my peace but the gods already hear my prayer

My sight is a pitiful one but you like Ammon will not walk the sands of this Earth free.


(Jemimah & Godswill)

Tell this to the men! 

Whirlwind, bends, smiling curses on the loom while you live and

Aside jail, eternity frowns while parboiling curses in a pot with brimstone. Stop Rape!





©️Godswill Udoh & Jemimah 


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