Proud Black Lines

By Fortune Jachi 6 months ago

When you think beauty, do you whine winter

Icicles—ice castles—bearing down-ward on windows

Or snow paved paths, naked branches sprinkled white, a little here, a little there

When you think colours, do you sing summer

Sun spurting hurting blisters down splitting spines, slacking pores

Or simply, orange and yellow through leaves, kissing your upstair floorboards, morn

Do you tread here—an escape from home—or do you call home, think—

Palm fronds and palm leaves

Palm trees guarding our horizon

Goats rocking backs against our walls, fowls straying two by two

Wet dust, the smell, like nzu—that ball of ash pregnant women lick—

Naked children—reeling songs—rolling tyres up the street and down the same

The harmattan that cracks our feet

When you think sleek, do you see them

Ivory creamed skins, topped hairs you want to have

Or do you let me see you

Beautifully written poetry in black lines

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Fortune Jachi
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