Prodigal Daughter

By Frank Olunga Khange 3 months ago

It is true I am whole,

Call me prodigal daughter,

Spiritual laughter.


I am real, nothing fake,

No need to pretend for Christ sake,

Thou shall not judge.


Sorry I am not holy,

Some darkness,

But I am full of kindness.


I am full of Holy Spirit,

Still, I am full of chrome spirit,

Anyway, I am full.


How will I repent while I am sinless,

I must be a bit reckless,

Anyway, thou shall not judge.


My dress speaks a lot,

But I bet you are colour blind,

I am dark with a touch of white.


It is true I am whole,

Call me the prodigal daughter,

Spiritual laughter.

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Frank Olunga Khange
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