Sweet Art To A Sweetheart

By Frank Olunga Khange 3 months ago

Today I want to open the pages of my heart,

and write those magical words,

as I shout your name.

Mothers have birth to daughters,

but you are their queen.


Your beauty can make king Solomon resurrect,

you are a fountain of love,

your warm smiles keep my heart burning,

and your cute eyes make my soul drown with love.

You are a magnet since I'm always attracted to you.


Let this art find a special place in your heart,

you complete the emptiness in me,

I can't stand the sight of your tears,

If love was a curse then I'm cursed to be yours forever.


I wish I could enclose your heart with electric fence

if anyone falls for you gets a shock.

Your attributes are so natural,

and your curves turns me wild.


I hope every time I close my eyes I could see you,

and every time I could open my mouth I could call your name.


If I was to choose between hell and heaven,

I could choose to be with you,

I love you the sole owner of my heart,

this art is from my heart to your heart.




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