Pregnant Women And Black Seeds

By Adesokan Abdulafeez 3 weeks ago

Pregnant Women Should NOT take Black Seeds.

Black Seeds have a great benefit for anyone in any condition.

Some pregnant women have benefited from taking black seeds as it is known to boost immunity for both the mother and child. And when the baby is due it has also helped provide a quick and easier labour.


Black Seeds have a big RISK OF CERVICAL DILATION.

Black Seeds is known to cause dilation of the cervix which is the entrance to the uterus (the baby's pathway). So if the baby is not due and the cervix is opened, a miscarriage (God forbid) might occur.

Any pregnant woman taking black seeds should do so under STRICT medical instructions, ONLY in her third trimester when the baby is fully formed, close to her due date and even then it must be in very SMALL doses.

That way it can boost her immune system and help with early and easy labour.

BUT! A medical professional must be involved OTHERWISE. Pregnant women should NOT take Black Seeds or Black Seed Oil!

A breastfeeding mother, however, can take it to help with lactation and boost hers and her baby's immune system.

Black Seeds also helps with increasing fertility in both males and females. It boosts sperm count in men and increases fertility in females and increases libido in both.

Pregnant women should instead take Original OLIVE Oils and Date Fruits which strengthens their bodies, help with early labour and are completely safe!

So take note and take care!

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