Positive Positivity

By Obilor Nnamdi 13 months ago

A wise man - Joel Oosten once said: “Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how long you’re going to live your life”.

Life is not easy, yes. You see people occupy a much higher status than you and are wealthier than you. You feel out of place and it’s like you carry the weight of the whole world on your shoulders because nothing good seems to be happening to you. You work very hard yet the money doesn’t seem to be coming in. You see someone get promoted and you are stuck in that same position you were when you were first employed. 

These things are enough to get anybody down, fill such individual with negative thoughts and even drive him to do the unthinkable - but before you think negative and otherwise, I should tell you - There is positivity in every negativity or negative situation.

You have to learn to look on the bright side of things all the time. You have to believe that something bigger and better is waiting for you as the light at the end of a tunnel. You don’t believe me? I will let you know why you should think positive and only then will positive things begin to happen in your life.

The positive mind carries much power and with it, you can do almost anything you put your mind to because it is filled with the determination and will to do it and do it very well. While the negative mind always blames others for its own failures, the positive mind sees the opportunity in every situation. only someone with a positive mind can do a whole lot of positive things. you should stop being pessimistic and use optimism as your watchword.

Being positive is very important and it brings a lot of benefits to every aspect of our lives be it - relationships, career, happiness, health and even personal goals. You must know that our lives are affected by every single thought and decision we make.

Benefits of thinking positive

As I mentioned earlier, there are a whole lot of good things attached to thinking positive. I may not be able to mention all but I will focus on the key benefits. Some of them are:

1. It is very important for your health

If you want to live long and always be healthy, you have to cultivate the habit of thinking positive. How does life span and positive things relate? If you have negative thoughts, it can cause depression, stress and might even lead you to commit suicide but thinking positive on the other hand has a great impact on your emotional, mental and physical health. 

You can say it has a therapeutic effect on our health, in this case, called the “domino effect” which makes you feel happier and more contented with your life, carry out daily activities smoothly and with pure joy as you are more relaxed.

Also, thinking positive can indeed cure cardiovascular diseases as stress hormones which damage the mental health are prevented from being released. Therefore, if you think positive, you will be less prone to being sick, experience far less stress and you will always be blissful.

2. It betters your career

We live to work and it is through work that we get money. Most work we do are likely to stress us out. We are likely to encounter issues and challenges at our workplace from colleagues and boss alike. However, if you go to work with a negative attitude, you will be less productive due to the negative thinking of seeing your work as a burden.

If you have low production levels at your workplace, you are most likely to lose your job. You don’t want that to happen, right? If you don’t, you have to develop a positive attitude to work as thinking positively helps you produce better results as well as enhance relationships with your colleague and boss. Your hard work will be noticed and appreciated plus you will be admired for your attitude. You could even infect some people with your positive thinking and the workplace will be a much better place.

3. It develops and builds relationships.

If you think positive, you will better your relationship with people as positive thinking brings with it an aura that is irresistible and attracts people to you. Almost everyone will want to be friends with you and your inspiration levels will be on a high. You will be admired for your attitude of being positive. If you think positive and always put a smile on your face, you can even give hope to those that have no hope as opposed to when you think of your problems all the time.


Think positive today! Breathe positive! Only then will good things happen to you. Do not let negative thoughts overwhelm you or any bad situation to get you down. You are meant for happiness, for better things. Believe that things will be better and they definitely will. Don’t worry, be happy! A positive mind brings positive results.

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