Poor Peotry

By Kingsley Silas 9 months ago

Oh dear;

The world is though blind to your powers and beauty.

For a world as this, you are all they need.

You are an escape from all pains and baggage; but men are blind to see- too blind to see

But don't cry little Angel, be not sad for your beauty Powers still delivers 

You still make a sadden heart love 

You still Know how to dry a tearful soul and you still remain the world's succour

Whenever you're scorned by an ignoramus don't glum rather take a sit and count all the broken hearts you've kneated 

All the orphan child you've given hope

All the abused you've regained pride

All the bastard boys you've given homes

Count all of these and repeat them to yourself.

I'll try more than a little had with Ani to introduce you to more folks and hoping they'd fall in love just has we have.

Not promising much though but I'll try to try!


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