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  • Rumors Of Insanity

    Ochonogor Ifeanyi Excel
    4 months ago
    In my country,Rumors of insanity scuttlesIn haste like an earnest cry Yet we’re falling for the auntiesOf this desolated insanityLike a difficult teardropThat prevents a dog from smelling exc ...
  • I'm Sorry

    Affia Gideon
    1 weeks ago
    If I'm breaking a heart, Lemme know. It chronically tears me wide apart, the glimpse of you falling down low. I know I've caused you pain and all rude things, You of all should know I've been thr ...

    Ibrahim Abdulateef
    5 months ago
    Today, I will dive in the ocean of your heart and stride thru' the depth of your love to eat the bounties entrusted on your laps. Today, I will dance in the rain, hand-in-hand and sashay in ...
  • Waves

    Vanessa nwosu
    5 months ago
    Slowly in tides, time flows by in a rush like waves. We go through our days like people in the crowd with nothing but fake smiles and our hands in forced waves. We imprison our thoughts in our heads l ...
  • Reality We Failed To Realize

    5 months ago
    I'm plus one today A year older than I was last year The counting of the world It gives me no reality I'm minus one today The neglected fact Reality they failed to face The letter D in MR NIG ...

    Ojonugwa John Attah
    3 months ago
    THE REVOLUTION IS COMING Sometimes I sit and wonder How a lot of things go here A few tears here and there, stifled laughter in the mix and a sandwich of hatred in between. I look in every direc ...
  • Your Presence

    Tasnim Ismail
    6 months ago
    So close yet so far away, Evokes happiness as much as it does sadness, Eradicates my strong built wall, And immediately increases my level of cautiousness, Floods my mind with sweet memories, War ...
  • In Our Days

    Joseph Ileme
    4 months ago
    We had the television We had a clear vision All aware of our mission And it was difficult fishing Out the ones without respect As an elder you'd get what you expect Phones had only buttons And ...
  • The Flowers Also Blooms On Thorns

    Kareem Itunu Azeez
    3 months ago
    The flowers also bloom on the thorns Itunumi Solace The flowers also bloom on the thorns. That's true thing, absolutely right. Some are like relationship too. Who live nevertheless close togeth ...
  • The Ice Queen

    Elizabeth Taderera
    4 months ago
    I have been there and i have done it,but still im a victim of it over and over again. Is it de'javu? Or im a fool falling into the same trap. Do i enjoy the repeated torture? Or ...


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