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  • -Imperfections-

    Jason Joshua chigozie
    16 months ago
    Imperfections Things you wish I could but I couldn’t How you wanted it to be but it isn't Don’t force it, it mustn't. Imperfections You tell me my errors daily Even when I try fittin ...
  • ...Then They Left

    Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu
    23 months ago
    two men walk down a deserted street,rehearsing stories of yesteryearsone told the other about the seaof drunk seamenof drunk semenof island girlsof island galesof itchy groins and yellow skinof comrad ...
  • 'Paper' The Ocean.

    Chinonyerem Great Ikedichukwu
    9 months ago
    Paper the ocean of the outrush Of man's idea Made of mere pulp To pop the ideas of old To children of the world An urge you create in their hearts To procreate and compose sweet words But s ...
  • ‘Tachi

    Tee Lyod
    22 months ago
    ...Oh 'Tachi What did they make you do...? Were you just a myth? His fictional creation? Sacrifices, For the good of your clan ? For the good of your village ? For the good of your nation ? ...

    Mark Sule
    23 months ago
    "A KISS IN THE RAIN" A kiss in the rain, An intertwine of pain. A public display of affection, Breeds a public call of attention. But kiss me on dearie, Sooner shall their eyes grow weary. ...
  • "Another Chapter"

    Jason Joshua chigozie
    18 months ago
    I pledge to Nigeria My loving country To be faithful,loyal and honest To serve with all my strength. Generations in existence pledged to this We're still promising The future generation gonna ...
  • "FATE"

    Jason Joshua chigozie
    23 months ago
    What has fate in store for me? Riches, Hapiness and all the best? Poverty, misery and all the worse? I must now have my fortune unfolded To the astrologer I found my way My birthdate I told him ...
  • "Without You"

    Jason Joshua chigozie
    19 months ago
    Can't do without you ❤ Like the heart without it's beat The night without the moon, Daylight without sunlight.. Can't do without you ❤ Fantasies of you daily What's the cloud without rainfall? ...
  • "Wounded Fantasies". By Val Naya

    Valentina Ifunanya
    7 months ago
    Make me feel your undying love. As I devote my whole to your incessant penetration. Caught up in randy hysteria; I won't solve. Screaming your name to the ears of many nations. The sudden attack ...
  • \How A Suicidal Should Pray \How Not To Commit Suicide \Of Frustration And Relief

    Olabisi Akinwale
    15 months ago
    how a suicidal should pray -to say this prayer, rent a room outside your body for the next 105 seconds. give us this day; a reason//to live//to accept the sun as a scorching goddess//& ou ...


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