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  • Love Calls You

    Tamunoemi Iyalla
    2 weeks ago
    Like the whispering of the wind And the whistling of the pines Love calls you! ♥️ Like the rushing sound of the wind on Pentecost day and the increasing charging level of the battery. ...
  • Broken

    Toni Bolsel
    5 days ago
    I knew a girl who liked to draw,she drew images that nobody saw,she was more artistic late at night,in the bathroom and out of sight. she kept a secret no one knew,she didn’t tell a soul about ...
  • Oh!my Love

    Oladipupo Joy
    2 weeks ago
    With a melted heart, A dissolved and undiluted spirit, I declare my heartfelt desire, As a result of my admire, Waiting to be triggered, All in the hands of her Lord, As he hovered and hovered ...
  • Reflections

    Philip Olamilekan Odeyemi
    2 months ago
    A boy looks down into water he sees the two folds of life right before him one, a piece of memories to lame to walk, to fragile to see dawn and the other a glimpse of the number of times he will run - ...
  • College

    Nana Hauwa
    2 weeks ago
    To anyone who has ever gone to college this is for you For surviving those four years I applaud you No matter what class of degree you graduated with the point is you made it through Remember the 8 ...

    KubionoMfonAbasi Okon
    2 weeks ago
    We pledge to fight for peacenot to be broken in pieces.we step out hoping for changenot to come back and correct the wrongs that was done,we raise strong mind at youth to right the wrongs,appre ...
  • Am Tush

    Lawrence Ruth
    5 days ago
    Am Tush You must have heard a lot about me. You’ve read every little thing about me. You call me stories, some call me articles and others call me poems. You’ve seen with in me ...
  • Dreams

    Chris Udoka Brain
    2 months ago
    Quotes * let your trust not be in any man because if it Is you will get it In many miles * life is a drama because we keep acting everyday * what have you achieved that made you feel you can dine w ...
  • CALM

    Mercy Godwin
    3 weeks ago
    She stayed calm in the hands of rage Muffled her screams and rolled in silence It's hands were a thick cord coarse on her skin but she needed to conserve her strength And endure the taste of subtl ...
  • Mother Nature

    Affia Gideon
    2 weeks ago
    HER TEARS Cold, oh cold! Its destiny, bound and freedom sold. The land, barren and fold; Moonlight tales, past glories now told. Shades fade, Earth, now hades. Like turbulent flowing torr ...


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