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  • Lonely

    Jude Umoren
    6 hours ago
    My mouth is pregnant with tons of words. And not finding anyone to talk to really hurts Loneliness became the ocean I was drowning in. Loneliness was the sound of music surrounding me. Sometim ...
  • Smiles Of Hope

    ThankGod williams PoetLord
    2 days ago
    **smiles of Hope Your smiles weakens my soul It touches my bone to marrow It leads me to where I can follow Your smiles can bring back a life The smiles of your face sets firet o the Halls of ...
  • Muffled Peace

    Olatubosun David
    Over the flame of Johannesburg parade countless kites of woe transplanting coal of grief amidst of them, is a bird of ease dove of God, white immaculate wishing for a breathing space We can al ...
  • Xenophobia

    Abasiakara Monday
    3 weeks ago
    I woke up painfully, when I discovered my radio.. Playing something else than the normal news It was a breaking news about killing on high ratio In a country, this same continent, I became mused ...
  • Story Of The Man He Killed

    Collins Atada
    3 weeks ago
    Story of the man he killed Fire burns Smoke ariseIt blurs my eyesScary thought floods my mind War is nothing but killing peopleBefore u get killedStains of blood everywhereImagine the pains of a sol ...
  • Xenophobia - Hatred For A Brotherman

    Author Enobong Ukpabio
    2 weeks ago
    XENOPHOBIA - Hatred for a brotherman Extreme hatred for me cause I'm foreign, But forgotten we're brotherman created from black dust, You said I'm not worthy to live in a house with you, Yet, yo ...
  • Evergreen Isle Of Passion

    Archwealth gates
    2 weeks ago
    EVERGREEN ISLE OF PASSION We painted the world in magenta, we lucidly dive into our mind to bring out the magic from the bedrock where it resides. We say a wonderful word through a thousand emot ...
  • The Man I Killed

    Jude Umoren
    3 weeks ago
    Had he and I but met By some old ancient inn We would have drank till it got late Discussing everything heard and seen But he was a soldier fighting for the enemy He shot at me and I at him No ...
  • Aura

    Adesokan Abdulafeez
    2 weeks ago
    Don't carry people's bad energy in your system. Whatever they've done to you forgive them. Not because you're weak but so their poison don't make you sick. Cleanse your aura. To relieve the trauma ...

    Archwealth gates
    2 weeks ago
    The most selfless LADY I've ever known, She is indeed our MOTHER Theresa. SHE is a paragon of virtue, There is no deficiency of potential in her. A woman in her prime is what I'll call her, B ...


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