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  • Cake Of Apology On A Birthday

    Oluwole Fapohunda
    32 minutes ago
    In the garden of cute flowersConjuring a mental pictureOf your charming gazeOne thing I could capture Is the bounty of thy beautyThat excels that of the flowersFonder grew I of thy affluence Mystery i ...
  • Addicted

    Precious James
    3 days ago
    Addicted, Like alcohol you have enraptured my heart— Taking me to the highs and to the lows. Like a kidnapper you have captured my mind— Lording over my right mind and my thinking. ...
  • Dear Wednesday

    Precious James
    3 days ago
    Dear Wednesday, I called you five times but you didn't pick up, were you busy? Or were you idle? It seems like you have found a new way to scold me— silence. I know my sins are too numero ...
  • JUSTICE (Tales Of A Widow)

    Goodness Daniels
    6 days ago
    In the days when I was in vernal bloom,When I was the balm that soothed the worries of a thousand admirers,The oil that oiled the skull of a throng of lovers,The pride of my parents. In the days when ...

    Tracy Njeri
    4 days ago
    LOVING YOU! Loving you was not wrong I've waited to have all along To embrace you next to my heart And never get a hurt. It's all about you sweetheart It's like a lesson about a hunt Hunting ...

    Sunday Precious
    3 days ago
    The pains of being hit They say love is a feast Maybe a feast of my death Cause I've lost all my strength Just waiting to be taken away Blue sea, sunkissed reflects light My heart has been bro ...

    KubionoMfonAbasi Okon
    2 days ago
    He came sluggishly,tears bubbling down like last drop of drip.his face stain with dirt of poisionous words and negletion.his legs wonded by the sharpest sword,his little hand streach out empty plateas ...
  • Nkem

    Oko Agi Nuel
    6 days ago
    Nkem The fertile soil that feeds and houses the root of a tree I heard that your father is planning to cut me off your sweet soil In is words he said "I hate the holes in his chicks when he smiles" ...
  • In My Diary

    Tracy Njeri
    6 days ago
    IN MY DIARY You'll always be in my diary Your love is fiery It's a mystery And not a misery You are my prey To God I pray For us to have our way For our feelings to say.. You'll always be To ...
  • The Boy Next Door

    Omotola Abidemi
    6 days ago
    The boy next door His eyes; cloudlike with warmth and light Usually pale and yet so white His claylike smooth skin, the smooth brown of groundnut paste Made me want to spurt out words in haste Lo ...


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