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  • The Past Is Always Present

    Adesokan Abdulafeez
    4 hours ago
    The past never really leaves us. It is never far behind. Waiting for the slightest jog of memory. Then time rewinds. That door opens up in your mind Nostalgia floods it all back. Hearts are br ...
  • The Thought Of A Writer

    Archwealth gates
    2 weeks ago
    THOUGHT OF A WRITER….. 1.The thought of a writer is vast like the breeze flowing through the Aegean sea.Their wisdom is powerful like wind force, lunges the heart 2. of the reade ...
  • Only Boy In The World

    Archwealth gates
    1 weeks ago
    ONLY BOY IN THE WORLD Cant we just be; till the of time. I'm here at the end of the world. paradise is what I'm looking For; I never knew its right here between you and I, In yo ...
  • HER VOICE (For Ochanya Elizabeth Ogbanje)

    Ogbole Agala
    2 days ago
    What exactly was my crime For which I was slowly cut short at my prime Isn't it too late for me now that I'm gone I wish it were by the bullets of a gun How may I now use some justice When at f ...
  • Poor Peotry

    Kingsley Silas
    3 weeks ago
    Oh dear; The world is though blind to your powers and beauty. For a world as this, you are all they need. You are an escape from all pains and baggage; but men are blind to see- too blind to see B ...
  • Voiced

    Jude Umoren
    4 days ago
    Whenever I hear you sing, every other sound around me. Fades into oblivion, I'm alone in my surroundings. Whenever I hear you sing, my eyes rain tears on and on. This is a sign that my heart has ...
  • A Query To The Future

    Loretta Robertz
    3 weeks ago
    My future is bright so I was told not only by my parents but pastors also. You are the next generation I am actually still waiting for my turn. Who knows tomorrow, yet my nose has been sniffing into ...
  • The Best Ship

    Agatha Johnson
    3 days ago
    It's a ship It would not lose its deep Even in a path so steep It can not slip It needs one's caring and the boarder's sharing Everything may have an earn But it does not have an end It take ...

    Victor agbo
    3 days ago
    As I rose, I saw the flowers As I rose, I felt the breeze Pop! I screamed when the news came Miles away, I stinted for terror I thought of days in agony It looked like fiction but wasn't. It see ...
  • Xenophobia

    Abasiakara Monday
    3 months ago
    I woke up painfully, when I discovered my radio.. Playing something else than the normal news It was a breaking news about killing on high ratio In a country, this same continent, I became mused ...


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