Please Help Me (Part 1)

By Olabisi Ayomide 15 months ago

I am no longer my self

It’s like something has taken over me

I can’t say and maybe I don’t know 

Please help


I can’t talk too much again

Because I feel 

Silent is all I needed

Whereas care is all I needed

Please help me


I no longer find interest in things I love doing

It looks like I know nothing about it

I was once a guru in the things I love doing

Now am a beginner in things I love doing

Please help me


I check my back after each step I take

I know someone is coming to take my life

But you walk confidently because you live in him

I wish too but my shadow has overshadowed me

Please help me


I don’t feel comfortable in the midst of people

Cos what I see as wrong is their right

Cos everything I’ve learnt from experience

Looks like a cultured waste

Been put in a wasted waste bin

Making my shadows overcome me

Please help me

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