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                                                                                                                        CHAPTER ONE

Michael walked leisurely, he was already late for his classes but that didn’t bother him. Ever so slowly he walked into his class.

“Good morning Mr., I see it still doesn’t bother you that you are late for my class… again, one more time and I could fail you, do you hear me?

“Yes sir”, Michael said softly, muttering under his breath some curses

“I worry about you Michael”, said his teacher, “I really do, you know you really should be grateful, a lot of people don’t have the opportunity that you have… okay class let us begin…”

 Michael really had nothing to be grateful for, he was an orphan who lived with his uncle who wasn’t any better than he was actually, Mike was still in school mostly because it was free, he only had to pay for his lunch and books but aside that it was all taken care of.

 Class was over and mike was about heading to the school cafeteria when the students guidance counselor approached him.

“Excuse me Michael but I need to speak to you in my office”, he said

“Sure”, Mike replied

 The office of the guidance counselor was colorful, the environment was bright but the room was quite, too quite in fact but it didn’t seem to bother mike, he remained ever so motionless, almost void of emotion.

“I have come to notice that your grades aren’t quite fine”, Mr. Daniel spoke up, “you’re are lagging in five out of six of your courses and you may not graduate if you don’t work out this problem, you have only six months left in this school and without at least five credits, you will not graduate”

 Mike only stared, showing no sign of emotion.

“I know it may be hard for you but you really need to work hard, you know what? If you want after school we can meet up, I can take you to one of my bible classes and…

“I’m sorry Mr. Dan but I don’t believe in that stuff, thanks for the offer but… I think I’m alright”

“Okay, but if you need me you know where to find me.

  Mike came out of Daniels office and before he could make his way out of the school, he noticed a few guys stalking him. Fastening his pace he made it out of school and took a short court to his house, these guys were still stalking him and sure enough he didn’t notice he had began to run, he ran and ran but it was like everywhere he went, these people were right behind him. Unknowingly he ran right up to an alley, and then it struck him. He stopped and facing the opposite side of the wall facing him he screamed,

“Show yourself!

  A boy about his age came up to him and seeing him, Mike wasn’t as scared as he was now, he was only a bit taller than him, very muscular although.

“Hello Michael”, he said

“What do you want? Mike asked

“Your help”

“What do you mean? Mike asked again

“I saw you this morning on your way to school, you pick pocketed that man with the Gucci chemise and he didn’t even notice and don’t forget yesterday, when you hacked someone’s locker, don’t think no one saw you, we’ve been watching you”

“Who’s we?

“Let’s just say I’m not the only one who admires your work. I hear you’re lacking money and I have a proposal that will change your life that is if you are interested”

“I’m listening”

“Our current boss wants something, a component for one of his projects”

“If he hired you all shouldn’t have enough money to buy this ‘component’?

“The component is only available in two places, one the black market and the bid for it is already over the top and our boss doesn’t want that risk”

“What of the second place?


“So where do I come in?

“You are going to help us steal it and trust me it’s worth it”

“Oh yeah, then I’m in”

“Good, you will contacted in three weeks


   Mike spent the three weeks he had preparing for the heist, he didn’t exactly know what the plan was or when exactly they were to operate but he didn’t raise questions. He needed the money if he was to get away from everything; his dumb school, his uncle and crappy people who thought they were better than he was.

   Multiple cases of stolen items occurred in his school but he wasn’t caught or identified as the thief. He was good at covering his tracks, not that if he didn’t they would have caught him anyway.

   Mike had just one friend but he wouldn’t actually be classified as a friend, Paul, he was more of an annoying guardian angel that pestered mikes life trying to turn him to the lord, but he never did once succeed in convincing him.

“Have any plans this weekend? Paul asked

 Mike remained silent

“Well I was thinking,” Paul continued, “I thought we could go to a live gospel concert on Saturday and then on Sunday you could come with me to church, what do you say?

“Look, I keep telling you I don’t believe in that stuff, there’s no god, no supreme or supernatural being and I will definitely not join you at any concert would you please leave me alone! Mike said a little aloud but still softly

“It’s just… I worry about you”

“And I keep telling you not to, please, you’re wearing me out and it’s aggravating”

“Okay”, Paul said finally before he began to leave, “I’m always here for you if you need me”

“Pff, Mike muttered, doubt you would be bi….”

    Mike went home earlier than usually that Friday, he went into his room, it wasn’t much of a room, just a little space by the pantry with a small mattress, but at least it had a door. He saw a package with his name on it and he hastily opened it. Inside were black overalls to which a note was stuck, it read, ‘Iks warehouse, 9pm-don’t be late’.

   At 9pm Michael was already there waiting for the rest of the gang to show up.

“You’re early”, Said the boy who met him at the alley.

“I like to be well prepared for a job…”

“Call me Tony”

“Sure, so what’s the plan? Mike asked

“We are aware that you’ve studied different types of locks and codes guarding items so we trust you will be able to crack whatever safe our item will be contained in, the rest of us will safely guide you into the building where you’ll do your work and be warned, there’s a reason our boss hired us teens, if we are caught you speak nothing of us and don’t be too slow or you’ll be left behind, got it?

 Michael nodded.

  They were soon at the back entrance of Steel, they had to scale the fence to get in. two more guys were involved in the heist and they helped to get of the vent covers open. The four of them were able to get into the building. The item they were looking for was located in the third floor and much to their surprise the room in which it was kept was occupied.

“Are these people supposed to be here? Mike asked

“No, they aren’t” tony replied

“So what do we do?


  They saw what was going on through a bared cover in the vent. The people there wore white lab coats and seemed to be working on a mini tunnel. The gang wasn’t interested in their work though. Alex, one of the four used a pair of binoculars to locate the item and worse of all it was inside the tunnel, so one of them had to create a distraction big enough to draw the attention of the scientists working on the tunnel whilst Michael had to go in and extract the item. Alex and Ben came of the vents through another cover on another side of the sector. Noises were heard and curses began to rain here and there… they had started the distraction.

  The scientists were drawn to the loud shouts and almost immediately they all left to find out what was wrong. Michael and Tony came out and while tony guarded the door mike got started on extracting the component.

  Michael opened the cover guarding the component and a holographic keypad appeared, in order to get the safe open, he had to put in the right code, he put a flash drive into a drive next to the compartment and whilst working its green light had turned red and a transparent door closed behind him. A silent alarm went off and he rushed to the door.

“Get me out! He yelled.

 Tony grabbed a metal chair and proceeded to break the door but it didn’t work. By then the walls around mike had begun to spin and spin and spin and it seemed like the edge of the tunnel had cut into something, an osmotic wall came from the end of the tunnel and crept slowly towards him, Mike started to scream. Tony couldn’t figure out a way to help his colleague and thought of running, they would be caught in a matter of seconds now since the distraction couldn’t last as long as it was already. So Tony ran away, leaving Michael to his fate. Mike banged on the door but it was no use, this wall had already swallowed up his foot and he screamed in agonizing pain. The wall slowly crept up on his arm, and face and then entire body, all Mike could do was scream.




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