By Archwealth gates 18 months ago


As the sun rises from the horizon
it streches far and point to the sea
bringing forth a sparkle and a glamorous
gripping the eyes with alluring awe.

The beauty of your face is like is 
aroma that draws attention from 
the end of the earth.

Youre exceptional like the 'canary'
which no other bird posses its kind
of voice.

when you walk the air speak of
your sweetness.
both old and young suspends
whatever they are doing to 
receive blessings from the angel
of beauty.

your heart is a fortress that all
men longs to reside.
its seven times comfortable than
the seat of KING SOLOMON.

The purity of your heart is
like the waterfall from the 
golden rock of LEBANON.

Your hands are like water that
makes no man thirst again.

please my queen let me have
a drop from the spring that quenches
the dehydration of love.
that i may find peace forever like a
lizard on top of an iroko tree.


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