Part Of Me.

By Lawrence Ruth 11 months ago

                         Part Of Me

So I watched as am ruined.

My beauty and pride.

The lives within in me.

Everything that makes me.

All within a twinkle of an eye are fading away as each man generation lives.


I feed my destroyers with best food.

I quench their thirst with the sweetest taste.

At night I cool their weary heart.

At noon I ease the heat from them.

What more?

Am the beach, the sea and ocean you see.


Am blue or crystal white.

Am sweet and calm.

I play with my tides and creatures.

I hurt no man but help him.

In place of my good deeds.

Am rewarded with oils and debris.

I once was sweet and pretty.

But part of me's fading away.

When you wake at night and you hear the tides 

It's part of me pleading to be me.








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