By Nana Hauwa 9 months ago

According to the Oxford Dictionary, pressure means; Mental strain caused by one's own or others' expectations on one's own performance. We've all felt it at a certain point, whether it be from family, friends or from society. How much pressure can a person take before they finally break?

 We Africans don't really pay much attention to our mental health, as long as a person is physically fine, that's it, mental health be damned. Wake the hell up!

Once something is broken, its hard to put it together again, stop pressuring other people, that husband of yours is at his breaking point, that son or daughter of yours can't take it anymore, that friend of yours can't keep up with your lifestyle but he or she is too ashamed to say it. Stop dimming others light with your demands and expectations, stop sucking the life out of them, they might not be as strong as you think. It's not a crime to get a few F's, it's not unheard of for a lady to not be married at thirty, it's not a crime if your boyfriend can't afford an iPhone, it's not a crime if your child can't find a job for a few years, so just stop.

Let's try to support each other, say thank you not just for the big things people do for us, or because of us, say thanks for the little things also. Let's pay attention to both our mental health and others too, you might just save a life.

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