By PoetClem 17 months ago


When we go grow up
Since when God deliver us from Egypt
The slave life no leave us one bit
Since that year when the water burst
When the umbilical cord cut
We still dey suck breast
With beards when thick like forest
With giant legs we still dey crawl
With front and back movement we dey stand dey fall

When we go grow up
To soji kpe white no better pass colour
To realize say all animals when dey this farm equal
Say Osa give both of us hand for work
But our oga first us get handwork
Them build for us, construct for us, rule for us
Na only book and English na him them teach us
But kpe later student fit teach master technology
Only say na over respect na him dey kill this monkey

When we go grow up 46 years from belle, we jabo with biscuit bones  
Now to cook we dey slice hand join onions 
Our bus no move, we no sabi drive 
 Some say them sabi, them no gree drive 
We dey go Canaan, but na Esau full this bus  
Na him make this bus argument no dey gree stop 
Yet when all of us don old, we no know where our children go drive us go

When we go grow up  
To see say this cake when we dey share  
No dey carry us go anywhere 
We just dey one spot 
Dey form circle like mama cooking pot 
To stop this small pikin play  
And do wetin papa for do if to say him dey  
When we go wise up, when we go grow up 

When we go grow up  
Heaven dey help those when depend on Heaven  
To achieve any course, even if e noble 
Heaven ready to hold our hand, bobo us  
But we must know wetin we want 
Take plenty small steps 
 Believe God for success 
And Heaven ready to come down  
If we ready to grow up

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