By Nyaruri Paul Okinyi 11 months ago

Did you want to see me dead?

With certainty of bullets.

Just like morning dew fades,

The day fades with cries of guns.

Tomorrow is another day to hope for.


Bullets and bombs don’t kill human hope,

Desire is not shot down, all we need is peace.

Where we can play, laugh like we have got rich oil fields.


You may kill us with hatredness,

But still like smoke we will arise.

Just like stars in the sky, just like strong tides in the sea,

We shall get peace and tranquility.

Hope that one day my motherland will smile and shine,

Like diamond and gold.


Out in the sky, jets rumble the sky.

Dropping bombs like hailstones, but we hope,

We will never get broken down and dead,

But still we hold our head up.


Up from the pain of death and injuries,

Shouting and moaning, we hope,

Leaving behind the tales of terror and fear.

For hope never dies, we hope forever.

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Nyaruri Paul Okinyi
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