By Ayoade Sulaimon Oriyomi 2 weeks ago

Evil as your name "CORONA VIRUS"

Mother of pain, agent of death

You killed and also deprive us liberty

The vicious is shaken, so as the feeble


The land is ailing 

Government called for lockdown

Our hearts already broke down


The street becomes a ghost town

Children shudder home unwontedly

We felt nothing but pain


Hunger bleep us with reckless abandon

Tyrant leaders left us to starve to death

We have no resources 

But to supplicate for mercy


The rich are scared of the crud 

We, the poor are scared of starving

We feed on daily stipends

Hunger will kill us before the virus does


Oh! Uniform men

Paddle the street affairs with sympathy

Same blood run in our veins

Frailty heart make us dread you


Dear God,

We  plead for mercy

Emancipate us from this pandemic.

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