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It was in the woods of terror, a warmth evening that drew its source from the full moon. The cloud had drowned its color from the unclouded blue just when a jet flew leaving a mark of waves within the dust. One could imagine such a cozy eve that left Mama Ade freezing. "Kunle, Kunle, Kunle oh! where are you", mama Ade called looking desperate as one who needed heavenly help, she wore a linen, her neck was adorned with beads and hand with bracelets, so pellucid she appeared to be, she was a true definition of tyranny. But her tyrant nature was rather for the protection of her own and not cruelty or grievance. Kunle was an house-mate , he is from the sourthen part of the Uboro kingdom where his ancestors were predominantly fishermen and farmers. Mama Ade's son Kehinde recently got married to Pamela, a lady one could describe as a goddess of beauty, she was a tall elegantly gorgeous Homo sapiens of the mammalian specie, her waistband were beaded, her hair was as long as that of the mamy water(Diety), her fair complexion made many believe she was an half cast, though after all these aesthetic values she was susceptible to anger, Pamela's attitude was way beyond consideration. "So one could be rarely beautiful yet irrational and inhumane"? Chai!! Mama Ade exclaimed with regreateful looks as she managed to move her aged long cooking pot inside the house. Kehinde had gotten married recently to Pamela as they decided to pay a visit to the mother, Pamela's mother in law."mama Ade". Everyday she woke up to her mirror, admiring her we... read more

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