Out Of The Chains Of Solitary

By Sangowawa moyo 17 months ago


If time permits me to sing,

Can the birds in the sky above my song ring.

Wipe with happiness my tears,

There is no blessing in the pains of my fears.

Each time I want to shine bright,

My very own face keeps hindering my bright light.

Break the chain of solitary,

Help me rise above above the bonds of solitary.

Help me smile, please I beg you,

The pains of solitary is much I tell you.

Loneliness on the increase,

Sadness without a companion on the increase.

Even when life smiled at me,

My dark humor was not letting go of me.

My dark past resurfaced,

My deepest scars to lonely birds resurfaced.

Speak of solitary not peace,

Life is hard in this body like a war peace.

For I loved to be lone,

But time pass like I have not paid my loan.

There's blessing in solitude,

But how can I pay the price of fortitude.

Pains at me like a dog bark,

Silence and distress patted me on the back.

Humans brought about my pain,

Alone and no one to quench the thirst of pain.

Lullabies to me, birds sang,

For increasing yearn of company my head sang.

Why do humans detest me,

Solitary I left, but they rejected me.

Take me out of solitary,

Bless the birds and trees that kept me company.

Speak to the good god's for me,

Am almost dying, my calmness leaves me.

Birds for me left the whole woods,

 life did not smile even when I left the hood,

Take me back to the calmness,

The life without stress but full and whole meekness.

I love solitary so much,

But this is beyond what I expected, much.

Yes enough of solitary,

The blessing is forfeited in solitary

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