Our Roots

By Agatha Johnson 13 months ago

Before it was Ghana must go

It looked very normal

And they made it formal

Backing it up with actions too


Now it's the reverse

Everyone says it's not deserved

Forgetting the old saying

'What goes around comes around' even without anyone's doing


As blacks

We've forgotten our roots

Wasting the soots

By taking new tracks


We had been brothers

Long before the intruders

That destroyed our moralities

Gifting us their immoralities


Gone are the days

When being black paid

So our forefathers said

And we see it now come to play


Now we fight each other

To the happiness of the real enemy

Not minding that it's felony

Following our old order


We once made the mistake

When we said Ghana must go

But new steps for our children's sake

Can we say Nigeria should not go

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