Our Hustle MUST Pay

By Agatha Johnson 4 months ago

Our Hustle MUST Pay


Guy how far?

Guy we dey hustle oh

But hustle haaaard!


Why hustle go hard?

When the cock wakes as we set out for the day

Before the street's dogs announces our presence

As we sweep the tar road with our flip flops


Why hustle go hard?

When our breakfast na for street

As well as our lunch

After we've checked our profits

Under the big round yellow circle

That seems to be angry with the world lately


Why hustle go hard?

When the big round yellow circle rises and sets on us

And we've become the streets watchdog without pay

As we sweep the tar roads alone to our nests

Of which we've never really enjoyed


Why hustle go hard?

When those we hustle for gets to see us thrice yearly

That's if we manage to visit them

As these periods are the peak of our hustle

And we can't miss it


So for this reason,

Our hustle must pay

For we hustle for a better tomorrow

And I see that coming fast to become our today

And our days of hustle yesterday


For we shall enjoy our nests of which we've hustled from

With those we have hustled for

Listening to the dogs announce others presence

As they hustle for their better tomorrow

As there is always one

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