'Other' Wins

By Precious Diedemise 21 months ago

Win, Win and Keep Winning


Often times, the perception we have about ourselves is based on what we see in others. 


Growing up, I had an esteem that made me feel inadequate. I was caught up in the web of doubts, strong doubts about my capabilities. 


I never really got engaged in activities because I would rather not take part at all, than participate and not 'win'. I thought winning was just about the rewards.


As time went on, I got to realize something, that Winning is in different ways. The fact that the win did not come as expected does not mean that it was a loss. 


Winning is much more than external rewards.


We win when we learn.


We win when we connect with others 👥👥


We win when we make mistakes. 


Ultimately, we win when we do not allow our inadequacies to stop us from trying. This my friend, is the greatest of all wins.


I started winning, when I focused on the other wins.


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