Open Letter To My Lover

By Victoria B. Willie 2 months ago



Let's make video calls with less data

When distance keeps us locked away from each other 


Let's stay informed on global matters

As the rain of this pandemic thrives in pitter-patters 


Let's see movies and skits of different kinds

When boredom, frustration or idleness play with our minds 


Let's retrieve lost contacts 

When the wind of destiny makes us ditch pacts 


Let's swim in the tranquility of good music

Downloaded for free with high basic 


Let's open a secret chat

Where no one would see us say that 


For privacy we go ghost mode 

So no one knows our last seen or code


We can invite 200,000 family and friends 

To a group chat where we share lessons and trends


We can learn skills like web designing

To keep us floating before & after resigning 


Or we advertise our trades for more income

And see if sales won't be the outcome 


My love, 

Let's do all these and more with Teleplus 

A messenger app using Telegram API 

Meaning once you're on Telegram 

And you sign up on Teleplus

Your data gets transferred for easy use 


Shall we hurry now to Google PlayStore 

And enjoy a new wave of social media with Teleplus Messenger




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