Only Boy In The World

By Archwealth gates 3 months ago




    1.   Cant we just be; till the

 of time.  I'm here at the

 end of the world. paradise

 is what I'm looking For;  I

 never knew its right here between

you and I, In your hazel





    1.  eye's. Why? would I go to

 cinema to see a movie, When

 all life's good drama lies in

 your gentle soul. I don’t wanna

live forever  when I know I

 can  die  in  your lovely arms;



    1. Come!  Let  us  write for our

 self a happy ending story; with

The pen of our love in

 our hearts. Our life at the

 echelon; still feel like were down.

Let everything passeth away; but not



    1. Your love my! Dearest. I do

Not care if the wine turns

Sour; so long as our red

Wine still red. The storm crashing

Through the yacht our  love We

manage to build; o! thee



    1. Let thy anchor of thy power

Holdeth our yacht till thee

Stormeth of life over. Forsake me!

Not when my strength passeth away; 

 deny me! Not when my vigor

Passeth. When my roses no




    1. Longer blossom like the one across

 the red sea; will you still

Love my roses?. If I couldn't

Run a distance just to embrace

You? Will I mean the same

To you? Only boy in the world!.



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