One-sided Love

By Mathias Andy 15 months ago

One- Sided Love


You feel what I feel

Atleast, thats what I think

What am I supposed to think?

I feel happy when am with you

Do you feel happy when you are with me?

You tell me you love me

You say am your number one

All of these and more you say over the phone

You never say all of these and more to my face

Not in front of my friends or your friends

I sometimes love to think you are shy

But you sly each time with another girl in front of our friends

I check up on you

I love to hear you

I would love for you to love me back the way i love you

But you are too blind to see

You never come to terms with me

Except it makes you happy

You don't even know what makes me happy

Am more of a stranger to you

You are more than a lover to me

I guess my feelings aren't meant to be reciprocated

I guess its meant to be a one-sided love


                   The Andre

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