One More Night

By Frank Olunga Khange 4 months ago

One more night with you,

We will create everlasting memories,

Since your body makes me everlusting,

You and I and the red carpet,

Rolling like madmen in love,

You are mine so I won't mind licking your pussy,

All I want is one more night.


Let's record our own porn,

As we bounce on each other,

Your erected nipples always turn me on,

I love your clean shaved pussy,

Baby come to daddy,

Let's do the undone,

Let's do the unseen,

Since lusting after your body is not a sin,

Just one more night.


You have the right to suck my dick,

Swallow it all,

Let's scare the demons,

Let's make the angels close their eyes,

One more night with you.


No more dry spells,

I will dig the well so well,

If you are hot I will make you freeze,

No more stories just one more night.



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