On My Knees

By Kareem Itunu Azeez 7 months ago

On My Knees...



If you're up there listening,

I need to confess,

I haven't been my best,

Livings just a mess

And I hate this feeling in my chest,

It makes it hard to breathe,

Sometimes I can't speak

Because I just feel like a freak,



Are you listening to me,

You have me on my knees,

So please just hear my plea

Of desperation, I'm so weak,

But I know you heal the meek,

So save me from the brink,

I need to think

I need to think

I need to think...

Without the devil hovering over me,

Everything's so dark it's hard to see,



Why am I so alone,

Living in this broken home,

Tell me how I can atone,

It's not like I'm made of stone,

I guess I'll never win,

I'm lost inside of sin,

I want this all to end,

So let me know which road to go,

So I can stop this feeling low,

My feelings need to grow so I can't stop being alone.



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