By Tee Lyod 9 months ago



’Zua's big bro


I shouldn't hate you so much

But I have to let you know. 

Even for you,

That was low.




The best part of you

Is making Hashi spill his guts

Right in front of his kin

Right after you've lost




You had his trust

You have the guts

He even admits

To carve your sorry face

As a bust




Your food

Is bloodlust

No other passion

Comes close

To skewing flesh as guts




You... idjit


Your way of reproduction

Is banned in all regions

Save yours.

Cloning your gods

And wedding the sword




The world is sufficient

For everyone's need

Not greed

You may own the earth

Until ALL you own

Is Earth

And she is spared

From bearing your seed.





Name tastes foul

Sockets roll

With stolen bloody marbles

Gaze records in

Armour keeps out





Unnatural Will

Uncanny Power


A sight worth beholding

Your battle speeches

Are laden with bait

Your end is golden



Mad of the Ara.

It's worth the wait.


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