By Frank Olunga Khange 2 months ago

I can read your mind like a periodic table,

since every time you smile I see effervescence of love,

and when you laugh my heart burns with a pop sound.


Every time when we are together I feel like emitting electrons,

your voice is my solvent,

and your kindness the catalyst.

No need to speed up the reaction,

your presence is my universal indicator.


This bond is stronger than a covalent bond,

your lips have a pH of seven,

not alkaline or acidic,

without you I can't breathe, you are my oxygen,

you glitter than gold.


When you twerk I see white precipitate,

and your gorgeous smiles displace my mind,

like carbon (iv) oxide only you can stop my fire,

our love is saturated,

your touches ignite my soul.

When you walk I become unreactive.


Your beauty is my melting point,

your eyes are diamond,

you are the only electron in my energy level,

only you can balance this equation,

and with you I'm stable.


When you pass I always make the hissing sound,

I'm not complicated like Solvay process,

and not salty like halogen,

and I will never suffocate you like carbon (ii) oxide.


This is pure chemistry,

and we are the reagents,

with a perfect combining power,

our love can be a giant atomic structure,

let's hold on to each other,

nothing can stop this reaction.



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