By Henrietta Okafor 3 months ago

Obika you'd shame but corona nah

Ogbazuruobodo the talebearer

Your time is up and now it is

The length and breadth  to you are one

Your vending tales that stir but war

Ogbazuruobodo your time is up


Mongering tales like food and drink

Without which all of humanity sink

Like plague indeed I wonder why

Of men of yore and youth and babes

Pitching men against their wives

Ogbazuruobodo your time is up


A little here and a little there

Of Kings and Queens against their own

Of endless tales that sound surreal 

And kids beyond their fathers run

Their mothers cry, their fathers act

Ogbazuruobodo your time is up


Your deeds are cruel, you're base and vile

For you indeed are spitefully mean

Your tongue a whip, your mouth an axe

But how can we contain your spite

Malignant tales that bleed the heart

Ogbazuruobodo your time is up


From East to West from North to South

You sound unsure but tell you must

Okeke's son his father beat

Adaugo's mom she left for good

All based on tales their proof unknown

Ogbazuruobodo your time is up


A dozen strokes of cain are few

For one so mean and cruel and base

The council wants your head at last

For all you did and plan to do

Alas your day has come at last

Ogbazuruobodo your time is now

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