\Ode To Your Body\Why Not To Commit Suicide\ The Left Side Of God

By Olabisi Akinwale 14 months ago

ode to your body like a leave detached from her branches, floating on a river of blood & sweat. from the sea she veiled in her veins, of people whose footprints are the sky's way of clinging to grief till they are recycled into clouds, of people holding on to burnt dreams till their minds became full of its ashes & envious of the wind flying them above their heads, to the cuts & stabs she endured like a woman with a glass heart bearing stone throws before dancing to the gong of solitude in a room where ghosts live in walls, to the wars she fought on days the sun was a formidable opponent to her radiance & nights, carving her face out of memories that could turn a buzzing city to a cemetery of silence; memories of flowers growing in grace before they became stunted to outgrow their thorns, & memories of streets in the cranium of Maiduguri where childhood was a song without the beat of bombs, to the boys she housed in love's n... read more

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