By Olabisi Akinwale 6 months ago



Last night

Father returned home in a mood- barren with joy

And announced in a voice as faint as a whisper;

"We all leave tomorrow"


The looks in my mother's eyes

Became a sea drowning bodies of memories

She once said living is synonymous to floating, and


We start drowning the moment death begins to woo our souls and departure becomes a song of woe.


My sisters carried the news on their chest

To showcase how much of a woman they've become

Maybe the men meant to give them new names

Would come ring their hands from this nightmare


The neighborhood now seems

Like a city trying to undo the law of leaving

Everyone is wearing a fateful expression

An expression buried with too many unlived moments


Departure and death are two hearts beating as one

Both turn your body to time's exit door


In my head, I've tried redrafting the news as a fiction

But reality is not so much of a playful guy

So I sneaked through the openings in my loins

For just a bit of you to last me a lifetime



Can we do that play for one last time?

The moon is out, hide and let me seek you now till the day I become a whole of you.

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