By Olabisi Akinwale 17 months ago



is an ellipsis between the past & the present


& you're a body displaced from

every mirror reflecting unbrokenness.

a bird sang your ode

a girl rose from your skin

& became a tide returning with stale memories.

nothing stayed for too long in your heart

only nights opaque with dreams

& ashes of days burnt by the sun.


& between the present & the future


is a long & lonely road tarred with shadows

& you're somewhere on god's tongue

finding the end to the end of darkness,

how to write words like 'love' on a blank page

& watch it grow into butterflies,

how to hang your hope on a height

not far from your hands & sight

& how to craft your soul

till she understands only the language of the sea & evening sun.




like the way dates are assembled on a calendar

every second comes with a different voice

& you're a poem on time's cranium

waiting to be read by life & her rival.

live, die, resurrect & live again

there are no ends to wars like this

you keep fighting till your footprints

becomes you- living celestially.

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