True Identity

By Nnamani Grace 16 months ago


Episode 6
Vicky heard a knock at her door, she opens it and her aunty came in.
“Aunty, Good morning”
“I want to talk to you” Aunty enters and went straight to sit on Vicky’s bed.
Vicky got scared, because the last time her aunty told her she wanted to talk to her was when her sister died. Vicky went to sit on the bed with her aunty, waiting to hear the bad news. “What happened?”
“I am just worried about you,” Aunty Grace held Vicky’s hand. “When I was younger, I wished to get married 19 years old. But, now I am 32, and I am not even in any relationship. Though I am successful, I am lonely.” Vicky felt a pierce in her heart. She suddenly pitied her aunty and wished she could do anything to make her aunt’s regret go away. “I am telling you this so you wouldn’t end up like me, you are 19, I have studied you and, I figured you are not in any relationship, you have never been and you don’t look like you are ready for any. I am not trying to advice you into any relationship, I just wanted to know why you haven’t showed interest in any.”
Vicky smiled. “I don’t just want to jump into relationship and regret, I don’t want to say all guys are the same.”
“Yes, people who say that are trying to tell us that they have tasted all the guys in the world”
They both chuckled. Vicky continued, “ I love myself; there is no greater love like God’s love and self love. Love is a pyramid.  When you haven’t loved yourself, you will fall apart loving others. So, I am still loving myself”
Aunty Grace laughed, “love is a pyramid”
“Yes, it starts from the greatest love to meet up to that love. Some people love others before loving themselves and they make a scattered pyramid.”
“Vicky you are talking too much, I think you have something to do with it the guy who came to buy everything in the shop yesterday”
“You are right. He is a new friend”
“Okay” Aunt Grace, wasn’t satisfied, but she couldn’t ask more.
“Aunty, don’t worry, I am fine”
“I just wanted to let you know you are old enough for a relationship, old enough to make your own decisions, I wish I could turn back the hands of time, I would have made repairs of the cracked parts in my past.”
“My mom told me that you wanted to get married when you were 18”
“That was true”
“What happened? why didn’t you? What discouraged you?”
“I didn’t recognize I have my own life. I let my parents take decisions for me. I really loved that guy. He was 30, and capable. But my parents claimed I am not ready and he is too old for me.  As young as I was, I acted more mature than my age. I knew I could handle marriage, but my parents were against it.  And now, I am the one too old for the bachelors. Even though I am manager of Jacob’s wine and I own a market of my own, I am still not  complete. I knew he was the one for me then, and now, he is married with 3 kids” Aunt Grace burst into tears.
Vicky consoles her.
Vicky  was dusting her bed sheet when her cell phone rang “Hello, Vicky on the line, who am I speaking with?”
“it’s Febe”
Vicky eyes widens. She opens her curtains a little to see through his window, and he was right there, looking at her. She closes it immediately. “Woah, Febe. Good morning”
“Morning! I got your number from Glory, don’t think too much” “I thought as much”
“I am heading out, but I want us to go out when I am back. How good is that?”
Vicky held her heart so it won’t explode. “Good. I am cool with it”
“Really? Thank you. I will call you when I get back. In like 3 hours time”
“Okay, I would be expecting your call”
Vicky hangs up and bounces on her bed. She screams and chew the pillow and  bed sheet so she wouldn’t scream out.
“Shut up!!!” Aunt Grace yelled from her bedroom.
Vicky ran to her wardrobe and started throwing out different wears.
She had invited Glory. “Gosh! I have nothing to wear and I have just an hour till he calls”
Glory looks around her, heaps of clothes Vicky had scattered around. “Oh my gosh! How dare you say you don’t have anything to wear?”
“Let’s go shopping. None is good enough” “Oh my, I wasn’t as agitated as this on my first date. Ya ain’t buying any more clothes. You gatta choose from da ones ya have” Glory spoke like the foreigners.
Vicky panicked. ***
 “…Like right now, I can’t even see you” The interviewer complained. “your fans are really desperate to see what you look like.” “It’s a matter of time, I will reveal my true identity when the time comes and I will also reveal why I hid.” Febs spoke through the speaker of Vicky’s radio.
Vicky was dressed elegantly. Her phone on her hand, waiting for Febe’s call while she listened to Febs interview.
“so, are you in any relationship?” The interviewer asked.
“Actually, I have a date today, and if she says a yes, then, I will be in a relationship”
“Wow! What a lucky girl she would be”
Glory came into Vicky’s room.  “He hasn’t called yet?”
“No, it is 45minutes late”
“Patience, maybe he got held up. What is the unknown Febe saying?”
“We are both cheating on each other, he is going for a date today.”Vicky laughed. “ I think I have double feelings. I have feelings for Febs, I have  feelings for Febe. I am so confused”
“What do you mean by confused? Febs do not exist. Febe does. There is nothing to be confused about.”
“Yeah, why am I having the feelings that I am going to be stood up”
“I doubt Febe will try that. He is so into you. If he make you wait, then I doubt he is a serious type.”
“Okay, if he doesn’t call me, then, it is really over” “I concur” Glory said. And they listened to Febs’s interview.
To be contd

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