True Identity

By Nnamani Grace 16 months ago


#Episode 1
Victoria crunches the popcorn on her laps while she excitingly wait for the Entertainer to play any of Febs music.
"...I am just baffled. Why doesn't he even at least give us a glimpse of his face" The entertainer on TV says to her guest.
"Perhaps he has a huge scar that makes him looks hideous" The guest replies gesturing.
They both laughed. Victoria glared at the TV and twisted her lips angrily "They are mocking him? What is wrong with being hideous anyway? As far as he has the best voice and best music, he is so perfect for me" She smiles and crunches another hand full of popcorns.
"Okay, one of his fans asked me to play True Identity... She says. 'Febs is a music god. His music edifies the spirit. If he is listening to what you are reading, I want him to know that Vicky cares. Please play me True Identity by Febs' Wow! This fan is so in love. Okay, True identity, playing."
Victoria throws the pop corn sachet in the air and took the remote control from the couch she sat on and used it as a mic, singing together with the music Video playing. "Mirror, my true identity...."


Vicky dusted the beverages in one corner of her Aunty's shop while she sings together with the playing music. She dances till her gaze met Aunty  Grace's who glared at her.
"Aunty, good morning" She greeted as if she was certain aunty Grace wasn't in opposition to what she was doing.
"What the hell do you think you are doing? Customers will run away thiñking you are at the peak of madness. you better behave yourself and attract customers. I am off to Mr. Ani's make sure you don't turn this shop to club." She turns her back to leave and faces  Vicky again just to give her a stern look.
"Yes ma'am"


Febe got out of his car after turning off the playing music and headed for Vicky's shop. Vicky had continued her shop performance immediately her aunt left. She was cleaning the bottle of Jam when Febe distracted her
"Can I get a bottle water?"
She looks at him still singing at the top of her voice "my true identity"
He smiles.
"Sorry, what do you want?" She walks towards him.
"A bottle water" Vicky watches his lips as he mouthed. Then she thought 'what would it feel like to kiss someone with an amazing lips like his'

She tries blocking her thoughts as she went to the refrigerator with the bottle of jam on her hand. As she tries to open the refrigerator, the bottle of jam fell and broke to pieces. She gasps and tries to avoid the bottle. Febe hurries toward her and took her away from the broken bottle. "Are you hurt?"
Vicky heart beats faster. She was staring closely at him now and it felt like butterflies now have residence in her belly. She smiles at his lips and he let's her free. "How much does it cost?" He dips his hànd into his pocket and took out clean thousand of notes from his wallet añd gives them to her. She was still fantasizing as she collected it. "Can't I get the water?"
Vicky woke up from fantasy. "Sure... I mean, let me get it" She took out the water from the refrigerator and gives it to him.
"Thanks" he winks and smiles at her then he left.
Vicky sank on the chair behind her, covered her face with her palm and screams in excitment while kicking the air.

To be contd

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