By Eti Best Herbert 19 months ago


O to ge! O to ge!! O to ge!!

The revolutionary battle cry rent the air

This deafening dissidence even the deaf hear

The norm of yester-years shall cease this year

O to ge is the people’s movement

Of phoenixing burst from elitistic ash trays

Our bleating of moo moo, e don do

Their rod ceases to move us their way


O to ge is the rushing, whirling, west wind

Like arable spring, rises from the Afonja plains

O to ge, you bulldoze past Ben way

O to ge, you took down Iroko, On Your Own

And with full force you landed on Aqua, BOOM!

Those who wanted war saw war thumbed in ballot

We refused to bought with kuli-kuli and garri like harlots


O to ge is not a figure of speech

Revels not in grammar but thunder

Speaks in the last stammer it can muster

Power belong not to some people but the people

For their pre-deeds, it says, e don do


O to ge is a composition of the deaf hawk

Who has put this song in our mouths

Quicking us from our slumber

Even shall not spare the ear blindness of the hawk


O to ge, they gave us to chaunt

O to ge, they warn, must not Eko!

Else our bodies shall defy buoyancy in the lagoon

On us they haunt with their waylay-wolfs and goons

Bidding to buccal-muzzle our O to ge chaunt

For O to ge must not be heard by the Jagged Bandit


O to ge, the creator of uproar, ripples and rubbles

Tomorrow we are set to finish what we started

Your sound shall fail to music my ears save you Eko

Till thence shall I scream your name again.


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