O Fred II

By Agatha Johnson 4 months ago

Oh Fred

Right now, I'm so afraid

Cuz that fear

Of which you once took

Now I bear

I ain't safe

not even with a book

As I am back in the cave

Of which I never crave


It was a cold night of November 

But we couldn't hold up for the Amber

And in the third June

We started playing a different tune

That is now leaving us empty in July

Even with the methods that we had applied

All we needed was a mind

Leaving it to God to bind

But I yes it was I 

In my mind's eye

I walked away

Even when he had wanted to stay

Not that I didn't pray for us to be

But they told me we couldn't have been

As he wasn't mine

And I wasn't his

I tried to hold on cuz I couldn't forget the kiss

But together, they said we were never meant to dine


But how could they have allowed me to go in so deep

Before informing me that he was not mine to keep?

How could they allow me lose something so beautiful

Leaving me tearful?



When I was a child,

I was told that true love always win

And now, I don't know if that was a lie

Or could it be that I was never meant to love?

As love always eludes me

Specially when I've gotten deep into it


There was my first

but our hopes got buried along with him

There was my second

whom after we failed at it again, tried to kill me

And now this?

Maybe love is never my thing

As I had always think

Cuz at tender age, I had always think

That love is not for me

And these three cases 

Proves it to me

But I do hope

That one day God will pity me

For love is all I've ever longed and lived for and I always freely give it

Please don't cry for me

Only pray for me

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