Addicted To Smart Phones.

By Lawrence Ruth 7 months ago

It hurt my heart to write this but I'd hope this goes well to get rid of what is gradually eating its way negatively among youths and parents, smartphone addiction.

        My name’s Eric, I am eight years old. I'm living with my parents. I have a younger brother who’s six years old and a baby sister. As a little boy I was so curious hence I so much wanted my parent's attention. I watch in movies how parents hook up with their kids then I also wanted that too with my mum, dad and siblings. I have lots of adventures at school, with friends and even at home at the balcony or in my little room, I’ve always wanted to share my adventure with my parent but they never have time for me or my little brother not even for my baby sister who cries a lot at night.

       In the morning when my parent wake up, they get prepared for work, my mum gets breakfast ready while my dad gets dressed up for work , my mum dress my little brother and I for school serve us our breakfast then take us to school, once it’s time to pick us up from school my mum or dad comes to pick us up, they never care to ask us about school, they’re always in a hurry. Once it’s evening and everyone’s home my parents share less time with us. They’re always busy with their smartphones.

       My parents are always busy with their smartphones. Their smartphones seem to be more important to them than us their kids. If they aren’t chatting they’re busy playing games such as Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run, Zuma Revenge, etc. If they have an important call they tend to it faster than they tend to us when we need their attention. My parents so much care about their smartphones and give most of their attention to it that they hardly know we exist. I could remember coming home hurt from a neighborhood,  I met my dad with tears in my eyes to tell him what had happened but all he could do was to tell me.

    “Eric, please just give me some minute I have to finish this UP," absent mindedly.  I ran to my mum in her room, she was smiling with her fingers too busy on her smartphone, I walked up to climb the bed then nestled my head on her shoulder.

     “Mum, look what happened to my arm, it hurt really bad," I told her amidst tears.

      “Sorry sweetheart, check the locker, you’ll see the first aid kits, you know which one to use. Keep yourself safe honey" she replied without looking at me, still giggling at her phone.

I felt sad. I wanted more than the reply I got from my parent. All I wanted at the time was their attention or at least my mums sooting words and soft hand on my hair, that will do at least.

      At night when my little baby sister cries as she does most nights, my parents are always in deep sleep, after sleeping late from excess time spent on their smartphones and laptops. When my baby sister starts crying it’s hard to sleep. I had to shush her and calm her to sleep sometimes what she needs is breast milk but I can’t offer her that when I try asking or waking my mum up it’s like pouring water on a rock, she never wakes up till morning. All I could do as little as I was, was to shush the baby or sometimes tickle her or play with her just for her to keep calm.

    On Saturdays and Sundays when the family’s together and when we're meant to be sharing each others' stories or adventure my parent are just too busy with their smartphones, if they aren’t answering urgent calls, they're chatting, if they aren't chatting then they’re playing games. We have little or no connection with our parents.

    On a fateful day, my little brother had complained to me of being molested when I asked if he had reported the matter to our parent, he only cried when I asked him why he said,

“Dad won’t even listen to me neither does mum want to, they care less about what I had to say. They only care about their smartphones, I’d wish am or like their smartphones so I could get their attention”. I felt really sorry for my little brother silently I cried too but what could I do?

    It’s really sad when we need our parents' attention but they're hardly there for us. They’re either busy at work or too busy with their smartphones. Their phones are more important to them than us. We can’t share our worries with them, we can’t even talk or have family trip even if we do, we're left with other kids to play while they're elsewhere.

   Dear readers, the phones or handset and even the laptops are there to make life easier not to take the space of your loved ones. If everyone should put all of their focus and mind on gadgets or phones and laptops how about us the young ones and the feature leaders? Who would teach or lead us? Who do we share our worries with? How do we learn when you hardly give us the attention we need. We understand you need to catch up with the fast changing and growing world of technology but then we need you more.  

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