By Oko Agi Nuel 18 months ago


The fertile soil that feeds and houses the root of a tree

I heard that your father is planning to cut me off your sweet soil

In is words he said "I hate the holes in his chicks when he smiles"

But if only he knew; inside these holes lies the food that feeds your happiness



If truly love is blind then make me the stick that would guide you home

Come let me take you there

To my dream house

But first let me take you to your father's house, and watch me as I use poetic praises to win his heart



In my hometown there's a place for us

Come let me take you there

To my father's land, there I would show you the Okpoku River of Ijegu

Where I first learnt how to catch fishes with beautiful words

I would take you around the street of Okuku the very place I drove tyres wearing only underpants

Oh my dearest! Do not worry about food

Okpoma is there to make our food testy

And my mother's pot is never empty



The one made out of my ribs

Let's make our own Eden

But first come with me, let's bury this forbidden fruit.



© Oko Agi Nuel

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