Next Destination Happiness

By Nancy omorojor 4 weeks ago

Amaka has always felt unhappy and unfulfilled most of her adult life. Even when it seems like she has landed some reasonable amount of happiness, it still doesn't last for long.

Years ago she was so sad because she couldn't get admission into the university, she carried on and about so bitter and gloomy.

"If only I can get accepted into the university then I will be the happiest human on earth."

Little did she know... After her university entrance exams that year, she gained admission into the school and she was happy.

Few years went by, Amaka is a serving corp member and will be passing out in a few weeks' time. But once again that usual anticipation and anxiety laced with sadness came again, not like it didn't show up while she was still in school, of course, it did. Several times, Amaka was unhappy in school, like when she thought her unhappiness was as a result of her inability to get her "reg" number on time, or when she felt happiness could only be found if she (A)s all her papers, or when she was sure that if Dr. Uwaoma will just approve her project work all will be well. But all of these bouts of unhappy moments are still learning work to where this new passing out parade fever is.

Now Amaka is worried of leaving her serving state and moving back home to stay with mama and papa again. This was not how she planned it. From her "to-do list" she was supposed to be coming with her husband to be but that's not the case therefore, Amaka was unhappy.

"If only I have a man in my life, I will be happy..."

Amaka got married after service and she still was not happy. She spent so much time brooding and nurturing her sadness as usual.

"If only I can just get a job now, I will be happy..."

Amaka got a job and she even became sadder than she was before,

"I should be running my own business, that alone can make me a happy woman..."

She later opened her first business and started but just as always, her happiness was short-lived. 

"If I can have more than one business to myself I will be very hap-"

Amaka, just shut up! Shut up!! I said shut up!!! You can never be happy in this life because your happiness only lies in the "next destination" and unfortunately for you, next destination is infinite. Therefore you cannot achieve actual happiness. Look, no one said you should not dream big, or have ambition, or want more from life but all these are for tomorrow and once you attach your happiness in them, you may never be happy for the rest of your life because you are already living in tomorrow and ignoring today, meanwhile tomorrow never ends. 

There is always a next destination in life. Please, Amaka take away your happiness and the substance of your existence from your next destination. Pursue the next destination with happiness within you. 

Now place your hand on your chest and say, happiness is right here...

Happiness lives here... 

Happiness is within me...

And I will carry it to my next destination... 

Note: there is always a next destination after the next destination but there is never a next you after you, so live your life to the fullest and never miss any moment of happiness.




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