Natural Home Remedies For Natural Glowing Skin

By Lawrence Ruth 3 months ago

       Natural Home Remedies For A Glowing Skin

Every young girl, lady or woman wants a perfect glowing Skin, whether a house wife, a professional worker or a student, we all desire to have that perfect glowing Skin. However certain factors such as sun damage, aging skin which leads to freckles and discoloration on the skin by causing excessive production of melanin hinder our wants.

      Causes of spots and an uneven skin

The female skin is fragile and exposing it to harmful chemicals is such a big risk. Apart from the sun rays that harm the skin, the face is always collecting gunk from the pollution and dust it’s being exposed to, together with the dead skin and natural oil produced from our face they clog the pores of the skin. Some other factors such as lack of nutritional diet, hectic schedule, lack of sleep or rest, including excessive intake of alcohol and smoking harm a radiant skin. It shouldn’t surprise you too that excessive make up can harm your skin or face when you continuously sleep with makeups on your face without washing them off, they clog the pores of your face.

         Natural Home Remedies For A Glowing Skin

Here, I’ve got you a list of some natural home remedies that can give you that glowing Skin you’ve been longing for. No need to worry and instead of spending those huge amount on makeup kits to conceal your spots and freckles why not spend a little to get the best natural home remedy that can get rid of those spots off your face naturally.

       Here are some list of remedies that can give you that natural glow you want.

• Virgin Coconut Oil (From fresh coconut).  

• Aloe Vera

• Papaya (pawpaw)

• Honey

• Milk.

                  Virgin Coconut Oil      

Coconut oil are amazing, aside for their effect on hair growth they’re amazing at giving one a glowing Skin. It’s phenolic compound contribute to it’s antioxidant activity and gives you a glowing Skin. To get a virgin Coconut oil follow the following steps.

     Buy or get some fresh coconut, break them and drink the water ( it’s nutritious) if you want. Slice or cut the coconut seed, grind them add it a little water then boil it, boil it until you can see the oil floating. Gently scoop the fresh oil out, do that continuously until you’ve gotten the amount of virgin oil you want.

    And this is how to use your virgin coconut oil to get a glowing Skin.

• Lightly warm up the oil and apply it on your face and neck

• Massage that area in a gentle circular motion for a few minutes.

• Leave the oil on your face till the next morning 

• Do that every night before going to bed.


                 Aloe Vera

This is one of the best home remedy for skin problems. Aloe Vera has great nourishing and healing properties which rejuvenate the skin with a natural glow.

 To get a glowing Skin using Aloe Vera, follow these steps.

• Get a teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel

• A teaspoon of milk.

• A teaspoon of honey

• And a pinch of turmeric.

Mix all the ingredients. Apply the mixture on your face and neck evenly. Leave it on your face for about twenty minutes before rinsing your face with a lukewarm water. Do that twice a week for a better result.


               Papaya (pawpaw)

Pawpaw it’s not just edible but it can be use to obtain or get a glowing and radiant skin. The presence of papain an enzyme that act as a mild exfoliator gives you a glowing skin. However to obtain that you have to follow this steps.

• A few piece of papaya ( pawpaw)

• One teaspoon of honey

• One teaspoon of sand wood powder.

     Cut the ripe pawpaw into small pieces, add sand wood powder and honey to it. Mix them all to paste like. Apply the mixture all over your face and neck, leave it for twenty minutes then rinse with  cool water. Do these once every week to get that radiant skin.


          Eating The Right Diet

It’s advisable you take lot of water and fruits, they help nourish your skin.

Here are best fruits for you to take for a glowing skin.

• Mangoes

• Banana

• Papaya(pawpaw)

• Guava

• Oranges.



And here too are the best vegetables for you.


• Tomatoes

• Carrots 

• Broccoli

• Green leaves.

Do these things to get that glowing Skin you want. And don't forget to keep a smiling face, when you smile from your heart you help your health, it has been noted that frowning increase tge rate at which you get winkles or freckles but leaving  a happy life (smiling) makes you look younger and leave longer. So always be happy and leave a stress free life. Don't over work or stress yourself. Be happy always.





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