By Wisdom Ahamefula 15 months ago

When you see shaming raining on you.

When it'll be abnormal to lift your head up high. 

While Nicky, Nettie and Ned turn lions for you 


Just look up to the case for chew

Weigh your being and the bean they chastise


Have a lowering of head

Shut the damn basket up cause leakage won't help. 


Take up the pen with a lasting ink

Write on that weary soul, consciousness of limits

Look not at the chronicles of men 

To make up jots that you'll live by


No man should help you downgrade you

They chopped off my mind, piece

Yours shouldn't cry out my story 


Take up that erasing mop and wash off

Help your head up... wear up certainty


You can be made whole once again

Sit in your wall of Jericho and watch Jesus spot you


You are the real deal. 

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