NIGERIA & THE STATE OF HER YOUTHS (The Scourge Of Their Unreal Fantasies) By Sunday Aienoben

By Sunday Aienoben 6 months ago

          Nigeria is a country situated in the western part of Africa, it is a country consisting of several tribes, languages and ethnic groups. Although the official language of the country is English because it is a British colonized nation, the citizens have taken a liken to a certain language the locals call pidgin/broken English or simply vernacular. Nigeria is blessed with several minerals and natural resources like limestone, coal, oil (they are one of the highest producers of oil in the world), the country is also blessed with good land and soil for agricultural practises, making the country a big player in the export of several cash crops like cocoa, rubber, cotton, tobacco etc. Despite the abundance of these mineral and natural resources, the country is blessed with a very large population of approx over 160 million people, and with approx, over 65% of the population are youths and the labour force.


           In any country these set of people are supposed to be actively involved in nation-building, as a matter of fact, they are responsible for the growth or collapse of a country. This ought to be the same case with Nigeria, a country blessed with so many resources even though the leadership of the country is an erroneous factor on its own. But then again, let's be honest with ourselves, the industries the youths are leading are somehow thriving and growing, which is directly opposite to what the elders are doing in government, let's take the entertainment industry as a case study and the music industry as our focal point.


           The youths have been actively involved in the building of the entertainment industry especially the music industry since it metamorphosed from the Sisqo era to Awilo then The Remedies and now the Wizkid, Davido and alike. In as much as we applaud the involvement of the youths in the growth of the entertainment industry, we should not fail to realize that we need that much enthusiasm in the other industries like science, technology, education etc. The problem of the today Nigerian youth is their tendencies of following trends and guess what is trending now for the youths? Music/Entertainment.


           This trend of all the youths taking interest and going into entertainment is gradually and at the same time rapidly killing the potentials of the youths in nation building, since they are too busy wanting to "blow", knowing the overpopulated situation in the entertainment industry, yet several youths spend years and years trying to make the big break or in our own term to "blow" thereby wasting valuable time that should be invested in other positive things like getting an education, which they see as a problem now because a lot of them tend to drop out of school and pursue this uncertain career hence the term "Unreal Fantasies".


           I am not saying you should not chase your dreams or do what makes you happy, but what I am saying is do not follow trends, everybody cannot be a Wizkid or Tu Face, while we still need more Chinua Achebe, Olatorera Oniru etc. In a country of approx over 160 million people and youths taking approx over 65% of the population, it is a nightmare, when half of the youth population are rappers and potential reality tv show housemates in their minds and send a "damn you" notice to other sectors that are essential for nation building.


           In conclusion, Nigeria is a great nation, and it's citizens are beautiful, hospitable and hardworking, but my advice goes to the youths, as they are my centre of attraction on this article, get involved with reality and shun unreal fantasies, go back to school, it doesn't have to be a degree or a diploma, acquiring a skill can go a long way to make you useful to yourself, your family, your generation and our society Nigeria. BE GUIDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Sunday Aienoben
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